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Our products make great gifts for your family and friends! 


Nautical Rope Leashes

Our MFP (Polypropylene) rope is lightweight and water resistant.  Our POSH is 100% Polyester, is washable, and soft on the hands. All MFP and POSH leashes are custom hand spliced & whipped. The tan POSH is the same material as is used in rigging many of the Tall Ships as well as ships in some feature films.  Hardware used can be either brass or nickle plated.


You can customize your product by chosing the type of rope, color and/or thickness, the length, and the hardware.  Standard leashes are 6' length and brass hardware.


These leashes are very durable and stylish.



Rope thickness ranges from 12mm, 10mm, 8mm, 6mm. The harder your dog pulls the thicker diameter rope you should chose. Shown are sample leashes: 4' lengh leashes in black MFP.
Our hardware is either brass or nickle plated. The size of the clip will be determined by the rope diameter.
Examples: Bottom is black 10mm MFP 6'. Middle is tan 8mm POSH 6'. Top is Blue 10mm MFP 6'. All with brass hardware. Prices: 10mm MFP 6'...$35.... 8mm POSH $39
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