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Dog Leashes/Collars

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Horse Leads

    Nautical Rope



Our products make great gifts for your family and friends! 


The Black Leash Dog Products

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  • All of our dog products are handcrafted.

  • To see some examples of our custom leash work please see below items.

Nautical Rope Leashes

Our lightweight and water resistant polyester ropes are strong and resilient and comes with many options. 

Nylon Boatline Leashes

These double braided leashes are strong and fashionable coming in many different options.  

Here are a few examples:

Example custom work: POSH 10mm dia. Dual lead (18" ties). Total length 6'. Brass clasp..$59
Example of custom work: POSH 12mm dia. Dual lead (24" ties) total length 6'. Brass clasp...$59
Example of custom work: MFP 10mm dia. 6' length with handle. ..$35
gerous situation like crossing a busy street. All prices are for 6' length: 12mm $55, 10 mm $49, 8mm $39, 6 mm $29 Dual handled POSH leashes. Great way to control your dog. Draw him/her close to you in traffic. All prices for 6' length: 12mm $55, 10 mm $49, 8mm $39, 6mm $29
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